November 16, 2012

How to remove apype virus?

That's my problem -
After downloading you tube download er, my computer homepage keeps going to
and i cant seem to get rid of it. for some reason, i am unable to find a solution online.

Solution 1 :- 

Yep, possible Malware
Use Malwarebytes' Antimalware(FREE)
Get Anti Malware

EDIT: Reason for suggesting Mbam, Pro blocked access to site

Solution 2 :- 

 I don't think malwarebytes will find it, try free adwcleaner:

Click here

click Search>read log>close log>click delete>do as stated.

change home page.

Delete java cache & update java

Click here

Now tell us if you still have a problem


I agree with Wide Glide - Mbam pro will block it.

Its not often Wide Glide & I disagree.

 come on mate expand your knowledge, giving the same answer over & over again could be classed as spam.
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